Salazar Luna


My name is Salazar Luna, I was born in 1956 in Maitencillo, Chile. In 1980 I left Chile and settled in the Province of La Pampa, Argentina. After 7 years, I left Argentina and moved to Sweden, where I live for 13 years in Stockholm. In 2001 I moved to the Canary Islands, Spain. I lived there until the end of 2012. Now I have returned to Sweden and I am based in Åkersberga.

I have been working in art since the 1980s and my first exhibition was in 1985. My principles are self-taught. Over time I have been doing several art studies in private academies, as well as with other artists. I began by devoting myself to performance and installations, trying to denounce the atrocities prevailing in my country of origin. Therefore, my work has always been reflecting social and political issues.

Since the 90’s I have tried to do a more universal and intellectual work. Despite having tried many other artistic expression techniques such as sculpture, graphics, and others; I have been staying with experimentation in painting and mixed techniques. As well as with the conceptual work of installations and performance.

Within my artistic career, I have exhibited in different places, such as: museums, galleries and art galleries in Argentina, Mexico, France, Poland, Finland, Spain, China and Sweden. My works are represented in museums, embassies, consulates, municipalities and in private collections.

Through time